Editorial Design

UI / UX Design

Tanya Schultz

Personal Project

Apr. 2019 - May 2019

Apr. 2020 - May 2020




This project first began in 2019 with a brief to design an artist book to include their biography and career, a select exhibition, and a timeline of their life. Initially, I was drawn to Australian installation artist, Tanya Schultz for her very colorful and childlike work. 

Then earlier this year around the same time, I decided to continue the project creating a multi-page website keeping the abundance of color and images using a more playful typeface.


Book dimensions: 7" x 7", 40 pages

UI / UX Design
Editorial Design

> Homepage with hover interactions

> Select exhibition page

> "Journey" page details Tanya Schultz's debut in the United States

> "In Conversation With" includes an interview between Corey Helford Gallery and Tanya Schultz

> Sample spreads from the book