Stay: A Sanctuary


Graduate MICA GDMFA thesis project

Stay is a constructed reality designed to offer the viewer a chance to interpret an imaginary world from their perspective. We are constantly immersed in subjective experiences of phenomena even though our impressions might feel objective. When presented with the same objects and spaces, we all have different emotional and visceral responses based on our personal histories. This thesis encourages the viewer to develop conscious relationships to the spaces around us. How have the tools of design influenced the way in which you see the world?
Sep 2022-March 2023
Jennifer Cole Phillips
Ellen Lupton
Abraham Burickson


Audio mixing: Bynn Shen
Music: Jo Wandrini / The Road Map / Courtesy of
Eden Avery / Arcane Happenings / Courtesy of
Trevor Kowalski / Watercolor Motion II / Courtesy of

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